Freezing Kashmir issue not acceptable: Yaseen Malik

published 3/2/2012 4:31:00 PM by SUHAIL AJMAL
Bandipora, Mar 2: The chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yaseen Malik, Friday said that freezing Kashmir issue was not acceptable to the people of the state.

“The international community should stress upon India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue on priority through tripartite talks. Kashmiris involvement as cardinal party to Kashmir issue was indispensable for just and viable resolution of Kashmir issue,” he said while addressing a gathering here.

Appealing people to remain committed to the cause, he called upon youth to strengthen the ongoing peaceful struggle.
“People are sacrificing their lives, property and honor but the lack of commitment to the cause is creating hurdles in reaching to our goal, people should show commitment to the cause,” he said.

“The world is supporting our peaceful struggle. I appeal the youth to be firm and keep their struggle peaceful so that world knows that who is using violence in Kashmir,” Malik said.

“People of Jammu & Kashmir fostered violence–free and peaceful freedom struggle from 2008. But from 2008 till date hundreds of innocent civilians were killed and thousands others injured, giving birth to very painful history. Despite government’s unilateral violence, Kashmiris did not give up peaceful struggle. Now it is the responsibility of international community to respect and value the Kashmir’s peaceful struggle and take steps for resolving Kashmir issue on priority for abiding peace and stability of the region,” he said.

“Our peaceful protests in last two years forced White House to issue statement on Kashmir, Indian media initiated debates on Kashmir issue, but later people caste  votes in huge numbers which indicates that people are not committed to the cause,” Malik said.

“Hundreds of youths sacrificed their lives and we should respect their sacrifice, we are the trustees of their sacrifices and will continue till their mission is taken to its logical end,” he said.
Demanding the release of all the arrested youth including students, Malik said it did not behoove those claiming high of democracy and democratic ideals and principles to put behind bars innocent youth.

“We should learn from Russia, Nepal, Libya, Syria and other countries where peaceful protests crumbled kingships and Governments,” Malik said.

Condemning the alleged desecration of Quran in Nadihal Bandipora, Malik said that Muslims will never tolerate this. “We will not allow anybody to dishonor our religious beliefs, it is not the first time that anti Islamic elements are trying to provoke us to violence.”


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